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  • Episode Nine – Jessica Fisher

    Episode Nine – Jessica Fisher

    “My name is Jessica Fisher and I am a cisgender, queer woman who is both Metis and a settler.” That is how Jessica Fisher introduces herself to elementary and high school students in Saskatoon and around the province. Fisher works with OUTSaskatoon, bringing gender and sexual diversity education to students, teachers and administrators. She does […]Listen Now »
  • Episode Eight – Saskatoon’s EcoQuest Program – Part Two

    Episode Eight – Saskatoon’s EcoQuest Program – Part Two

    Saskatoon’s EcoQuest Program is a grade eight class that uses nature in place of a traditional classroom. This unique outdoor education program is full of incredible students who are learning to see the world around them in new ways. In Part Two of Episode Eight, Eric spends a very cold December day exploring Saskatoon with […]Listen Now »
  • Episode Eight – Saskatoon’s EcoQuest Program – Part One

    Episode Eight – Saskatoon’s EcoQuest Program – Part One

    When you think of a typical grade 8 classroom, you probably envision a space filled with rows of desks and a blackboard at the front of the room. Saskatoon’s EcoQuest class is definitely not your typical classroom. EcoQuest brings 28 grade 8 students together from across the city and allows them to learn in the […]Listen Now »
  • Episode Seven – Scott Dicks

    Episode Seven – Scott Dicks

    Scott Dicks is a very busy man. The Saskatoon chef has worked in some of the finest restaurants in Western Canada and learned from award winning chefs. Now, Chef Scotty is giving back to Saskatoon’s food scene by consulting with local businesses like Collective Coffee and 9 Mile Brewery, teaching cooking classes at The Local […]Listen Now »
  • Episode Six – Erin McCormick

    Episode Six – Erin McCormick

    I take a lot of pride in being the most enthusiastic person in a room. But when I meet Erin McCormick for the first time in her riding arena, I quickly realize that I don’t hold a candle next to her. Erin owns Therapeutic Equilibrium Riding. Every week, she teaches 110 children and adults with […]Listen Now »
  • Episode Five – Kenton Lysak

    Episode Five – Kenton Lysak

    Kenton Lysak is a Senior Interpreter for Saskatoon’s Meewasin Valley Authority and a lover of all things nature. All Kenton wants to do is teach you about the Meewasin Valley’s natural beauty, and he will do it in a way that will inspire to go out and explore! He is also a brand new father. […]Listen Now »

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